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Behind the Camera

Oh! So... you wanna know about us? Well.... let us tell you.

Hi! I am Anne Barrera and I always had a creative side in me. I have done graphics and website designs in the past and still do on the side. After high school, I've taught myself how to use photoshop and code in HTML. And that led me to go to college for Computer Programming. Now that I am a mother, I became more interested in sewing, crafts and now photography. I am known to be the jack of all trades really. I guess I have a thing about teaching my self thru YouTube, Pinterest and Books. I am a loving and out going person too =)

AND... I am Andrew Barrera, the other half. When I was younger, I was always involved in sports like little league baseball and youth soccer. In the beginning of middle school and into high school, I was also part of the music program. Both team sports and the music program showed me how to be disciplined at what I do and to always practice to get better. Part of my personality, is that I have this fascination of how things are made, and how to work them. The camera especially, since it requires creativity to compose an image and then using technical knowledge to make it happen. At the end, I love how the end result of the image can create different emotions.

We knew when we met, we balance each other out  =)

We started this new found love for photography since 2011 when our eldest son came into this world. We had a professional photographer take photos of him. The experience from taking the photos to receiving the printed images was unforgettable. And seeing those images made us realize we never had many photos of ourselves. As a present to each other we got our first cameras.

Since then, we joined a local photo group recommended to us by our friends from a camera store. We have a chance to  capture moments from a wedding to various events. Everyday we're trying new techniques and trying new things.  It may be studio lighting, on-location portraits, sports or landscape photography, but at the end, we're just having fun.

Together we are the world's greatest super team....no, really! Ok, maybe just your normal husband and wife team that enjoys creating images and experiences for our family and friends. 

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